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Mythbuster Top Players

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Mythbuster Top Players

Post by NapoleonBornToParty on Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:52 am

a match of rtw depends on

1) lag
2) rules (including tables)
3) facs
4) armies
5) map size
6) luck
7) players' conditions (some players assume also drugs or drinks)
8) if players wants to apply
9) players skills

that's why i see many "good" players coming with fakes nicks because they are scared about their reputations...
that's why con points mean nothing
that's why winning 10-0 vs a player means nothing
that's why losing 10-0 vs a player mean nothing
that's why i see many scared players
thats' why i host 1vs1 cwb JUST FOR FUN


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Re: Mythbuster Top Players

Post by Aristocrat on Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:42 am

from your 10 points of view

1.player skills
6.luck size

Anyway I myself need only point nr. 6 to win my games wich I won in.

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Re: Mythbuster Top Players

Post by Illirian_prince on Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:20 am

that is why i say may the lucky guy win at the begining of the match


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Re: Mythbuster Top Players

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:39 pm

1.lag certainly isnt no1 lol, but maybe no9 on your list, but it affect the game ofc...if game is lagging than it is kinda same for both players...more important is glitching of the game...there are physical glitches in the game that are same for both players, and player with greater knowledge will use it in his favour...and there are unexplainable gliches caused by small lag, or me last time happened that vs luke few days ago in duel spain vs thrace, when my bull warriors were like hypnotized and didnt wanted to retreat, even i clicked like 20 times, and they had almost 5 secs to do so...
2.ofc it affects greatly...tho thats why 31k players are better than cwb players and reverse...table rules are different than matchup rules, and ofc can affect the result...
3.also affects on result greatly...i am for instance good with cav and skirmish factions...but again i would say that even here matchup is more important than faction...i may be good even with faction i am usually bad if its matchup that i like, or reverse...
4.this one is very important, and experiment army for instance has no chance vs pro army...thats why still many good players having problems cause still bringing bad armies...i can say for myself that i have passed this problem... size also affects greatly...especially for skirmish nations, and natural skirmishers(i cant remember when i lost leading skirmish nation on big field in fair matchups)...thats why on tourneys i always play w/o spectators...
6.ofc this is in manny cases reason why players lose or win, especially when 2 players of similar skills meet each other...
7.this one is very important, in my case one of the most many cases all comes to mood...since this isnt pro game, and noone earning money from it, only glory:), happens many times that player is drunk, in bad mood, druged, tired etc etc etc...older guys understand what i am talking about, while younger still having problems to accept this as a fact and bringing only skills as major proof who is better, excluding this one...i am usually having this problem...i am working, studying, going out and many things more...result is that i dont have any more time for friendly games...
8.dont understand this one...
9.this one is obvios only in case of experienced players, or very talented beginers...usually skills is really no9 on this list...

so yes result can be 10-0 totaly unfair, and to be easily in favour of the oposite side, but players must be on similar skill level...


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Re: Mythbuster Top Players

Post by Tara on Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:55 pm

@Illirian_prince wrote:that is why i say may the lucky guy win at the begining of the match
You say that like you only win/lose games on luck.

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Re: Mythbuster Top Players

Post by Sponsored content

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