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2nd anniversary

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2nd anniversary

Post by Guest on Mon May 02, 2016 2:28 pm

cause of low activity and current troubles in community, i completely forgot about our birthday .
in 19 april was our 2nd anniversary.
long live rv/rr and may our award lair be filled with much more signatures.


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Re: 2nd anniversary

Post by Nermin on Mon May 02, 2016 6:15 pm

what a leader



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Re: 2nd anniversary

Post by Guest on Tue May 03, 2016 2:27 am

Let me summarize quickly RV history in past 2 years.
Since appearance of RV in 2014 and merging with Ww3(my noob clan ), a lot of things has changed. We were all noobs back than, but over time we started kicking some asses.
In 2014 RV recruited and produced over 20 new players(50+ in our entire history), and became quite a boom in RTW community.
We were growing and finally started winning the signatures from tourneys.
Till war with CoH, which was probably one of our biggest mistakes made by our leadership, we certainly became clan no2. After that meaningless war, we lost a lot of respect and integrity and clan suffered a lot.
Still after some period and new recruitment, trough school of RTW in RR clan, RV fully recovered again.
In 2015, RV won many signatures, and some big names passed trough our clans, with fake or real accounts.
Structure of clan has been changed, and RV became fully pro clan.
That was the Golden era of RV.
In 2016 RV won the biggest number of signatures and despite some turbulence and conflicts with HoS, results on tourneys were never better.
Today RV is part of the organization of several allied clans called Alliance and fighter for fair playing in RTW gaming world, even I cant deny we werent like this all the time.
In only 2 years of its existence RV accomplished more than many old clans. And looking all awards we have, we are immediately after HoS and CoH. I wont count legendary USSR here, since they are inactive, even they were the most rewarded clan in the past. Also should be noticed that all these clans are much older than RV, and if we count awards per year, RV can be easily no1. considering what we accomplished by now, I do not doubt we can be only better, even some dark times struck at RV once again.
Together we will go into new victories and continue our policy of recruiting new players and evolving this game.
Long live RV/RR.


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Re: 2nd anniversary

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