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Iron clan statute

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Iron clan statute

Post by Aristocrat on Tue May 10, 2016 10:04 am

Iron clan statute

About our goals

Our clan was made by a groupf of like-minded friends, following the next goals
1.1. Friendly Communication
1.2 Playng in one of our favorite online-game, and reaching glory in our community
1.3 Expansion of our clan, and expnasion in number of our friends.

About our senate

2.1 All important decissions, are taken by senate, which is consisting by people which showed loyality to our clan.
2.2 Senate members mostly have the higher ranks in clan.
2.3 Senate can accept new members in senate, if senate members voted „yes”
2.4 His work senate is making by voting.
2.5 Senate can give to some players from the begining higher ranks to some players.

About leader of our clan

3.1 Leader of clan is choosed by senate voting, and leader himself must be one member of senate
3.2 Leader is freed up from his duty if any senate member wanna new leader. In this case senate do again voting.
3.3 A senate member can be leader multiple times.
3.4 Leader represent interess of our clan and he take care of relationship with rest of community.
3.5 All leader deeds are result of senate voting.

About ranks

Go on this link

About lowering in ranks, or exclusion from clan

A player can be exclused from clan or lowered in ranks becose of one of this reasons.
5.1 Disrespectfull behavior toward our clan members
5.2 Instuling other people and flaming conflicts
5.3 Spying in favor of other clan
5.4 Low ranked players until hunter, leader of clan can exclude himself, higher ranked players are excluded after senate deccision.

There are no desperate situation
There are only desperate people

H. Guderian

War Master
War Master

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